Sunflower Lecithin is made by dehydrating sunflower seeds and separating them into three parts; solid, oil, and gum in a cold press system similar to making extra virgin olive oil. The gum part of it is lecithin. Unlike other lecithin sources, sunflower lecithin is often allergen-free, non-GMO, and plant-based. This makes it a straightforward replacement for other types like animal-based lecithin or soy lecithin, which is often made from genetically modified soy.
Soya Lecithin Soya Lecithin is clear amber colored, viscous fluid obtained from hydrated gums of soya crude oil (produced from NON GMO soybeans) by the process of drying and filtration. It contains all natural phosphatides in their original relative proportions and soybean oil.

Application: Lecithin has varying applications due to its unique properties. It has been used as a stabilizer, emulsifier, softener, flavour enhancer, blending agent, and even a preservative.

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Sunflower Lecithin Quality Report    

Soya Lecithin Quality Report