Vegetable Oils

The use of vegetable oils, such as palm, soya bean, sunflower, rapeseed as alternative fuels for diesel engines dates back almost century. Nowadays it is being promoted in many countries around the world. Depending on the climate and soil conditions, different countries are looking for different types of vegetable oils as substitutes for diesel fuels. For example, soya bean oil in the US, rapeseed and sunflower oils in Europe, palm oil in South-east Asia (mainly Malaysia and Indonesia) and coconut oil in the Philippines are being considered.
Ukraine and Russia are two leading markets that offer soya, sunflower and rapeseed oil. Our company shall assist in supplies of the above mentioned oils.
                               Application: food, chemistry, biodiesel, HVO
                               Packaging: road trucks, flexitank, isotank, bulk lots

Specifications are available upon request