Fuel consumption has considerably increased over the last 20 years; therefore, great efforts have been made to find other renewable and sustainable alternatives for fossil fuel. Biodiesel is a valuable option because of its environmental benefits such as lower toxicity for humans, i.e. lower CO and sulfur emissions and a minimum amount of particle matter. The most common way to produce biodiesel is by transesterification of vegetable oils with an alcohol.
The main disadvantage of biodiesel production from vegetable oils is the high cost of the raw materials used. Therefore, different feedstocks such as fatty acids, acid oil , UCO and tallow are being evaluated as possible substitutes. Although being likely to appear more impure, these feedstocks are highly demanded in biodiesel industry due to their cost and double counting status.
BioEnergy provides to its partners huge network, unique know-hows and cost-effective ways of supply of the feedstocks at their best quality. For quick navigation, the short list of our products are below:

                      1. Acid Oil
                      2. Fatty Acids
                      3. Used Cooking Oil
                      4. Glycerin
                      5. Vegetable Oils
                      6. Tallow